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Knowing what you need in a computer and what you do not need can SAVE you money!  Sunday advertisements and web deals can sound like good deals but how can you know?  The trick is understanding what all the jargon and techno-speak really means to you.

This site is focused on giving you the information so you can tell the difference between a bad deal, a good deal and a great deal.

The buying guides available below take the time to break all of this down into plain english and tell you what to look for in a good computer.  Don't pay more than you have to...  don't buy more computer than you need.

Buying Guides

Processors, hard drives, memory, video, CD/DVD, ethernet, wireless...
everything explained in way that will make it much easier to shop a computer.

Try them for free.  Here are recent issues of the guides
          Laptop Guide  (pdf)           Desktop (pdf)
Or buy the latest versions:
Laptop Computers
$ 5.00

Desktop Computers
$ 5.00

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